Making routine

Heyaa, sorry for fewer and fewer updates lately. I’ve been swamped with school and new people, and I just haven’t found a routine in it to have time for bloging too. Lots of interesting (and some frustrating) classes and a lot of work, but all in all I’m really enjoying it here. I have however been a very poor fresher when it comes to partying… I caught freshers flue and have just been too tired to go out and discover UEA and Norwich at night. I don’t need to worry about missing out though, there is and always is something awesome happening (I cannot stress this point enough)! The union are seriously good at organising parties, and I’ve heard the clubs in Norwich are fantastic. Take that Bergen, with the words most boring night-life ever.  Next week on Monday I’m going on some sort of Bar safari (?) which apparently a lot of people are going on. Let’s just pretend that I haven’t been a rubbish party animal and say that I choose quality of quantities of parties, and that I’ll make the most of Monday.

CIMG1938aPicture from Retro club last week 

On the issue of food I’ve found myself settling inn to a routine of both unhealthy and healthy food. Healthy food occurs when I’ve got time to make a proper meal (which I personally think I’m quite good at), and unhealthy food when I’m tired and I just heat up a curry (jealous dad?). Other than that I have yet to do some clothes washing, ups.. I’m sort of leaving it off as long as I can..

Today, with my class on Issues and Approaches in Ecology, had our first field trip, and it was lovely. I was finally reminded again why I chose this course and why I think t’s one of the best in England. We went to the Bure Marshes NNR which is usually not open to the public, but we got to go inn. So cool! We saw swans, cormorants, trees, and a vast amount of both land- and aquatic plants.

Other than that I miss mountains, fish, old friends, my boyfriend, pets, wifi, Norwegian money, my bed, my phone and propper tap water :p

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