Missing home

This weekend my boyfriend came for a visit and it was just so lovely. I’ve truly missed the guy, and it was such a relief to finally see him again. The wait couldn’t have felt longer. He arrived late Friday (technically 1 am on Saturday) and I went to meet him at the train station. When the mass of people started flooding off the train I was practically jumping in excitement looking for him. On Saturday (after a long sleep) I took him for proper fish and chips in Norwich followed by a drink in some terribly hipster setting. Later we partied at the LCR (club on UEA campus) with my flatmates. The next day we went for a walk in Eton Park just outside campus, and later on I made us some spaghetti with jam tarts for dessert. Shortly (and sadly) afterwards it was goodbye time, and I was waving him off at the train station again.

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Having a visit from him was like getting a slice of home, and it made me realise how much I miss the place. He brought Norwegian food, including brunost, Melkesjokolade, Toro- varer and Freia kakao pulver, which was an awesome treat. I’m gobbling all this deliciousness down way too fast, and I’m going to have to make this last. Been quite nostalgic for Norway since his departure, and today I ordered my flight tickets home for a weekend in November (I really can’t wait until December). Miss my friends and family and my beautiful home…

4 thoughts on “Missing home

  1. Ikke alltid så greit når man har noen hjemme som venter på en. Men kjempekoselig med besøk! Man får bare tenke på at både hjemstedet og menneskene er der fortsatt når man kommer hjem, og som de sier så does absence make the heart grow fonder 😉 Gjensyn er noe av det fineste som finnes!

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