Visit from Daddy!

This weekend has yet again been packed with activity and stuff happening, as it was my Dad this time who came for a visit to see how I was doing at uni. It was so lovely seeing him again, especially as I’ve actually started to miss family down here. His visit gave me a sort of morality boost and some inspiration again for the academic stuff which I was starting to get a bit uptight about. I’m quite pumped now though to do some work in the weeks to come, and get my head down and work hard. I addition to this, meeting up with dad meant of course a weekend without doing any cooking and having some proper grub for a couple of days (YEY). I’ve been spoilt with restaurants and cafés, resulting in my belly being well pleased (better do a lot of exercise this week). Apart from eating we also did some shopping for necessities for uni life (paper, folders etc.) and visited the Norwich Castle. He brought his camera along all weekend too, so now I’ve actually got some photos with myself here at uni that aren’t just in selfie-format. Haha, finallyyyy..



Map of uni

Me at my desk



Faculties at uea

My and my block

My and my block

Suffolk Terrace

The lake



The lake

Suffolk Terrace

My room

ScientistThis week is going to be packed with work and Halloween! Scarryyyyy 😀

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