Zombie school children night

Last Thursday as you all know was of course Halloween, and boy what a night. It started off as a stressful evening with Jodie, David and I running around Norwich town trying to gather all the stuff needed for costumes (for the whole flat) which included cheap shirts, ties, scary make- and fake blood. Unfortunately I had to leave them to it after a couple of hours as I had to make it to lacrosse training. When I got back I joined the rest of the gang in dressing up for the theme “zombie school children”. We looked proper scary, and it was probably the one and only time I’ve bothered to put in so much effort in a costume before. It was well worth it though. Pre drinks was next on the agenda, followed by Wonderland, which was amazing. I have no idea how that club pulled it off, but on one of the busiest nights of the year I was hardly queuing for anything. In addition to this the club gave us free champagne! All in all a really crazy night, with a lot of memories (memz) maid.





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