Dirty clothes, animals, fireworks and wine

Wow! So hi! Long time since I’ve written a post now, so it was about time! There has been tons of stuff happening since Halloween, and I’ve just not had the time to write about it as I’ve been so busy. I’ll start off by saying that I actually own a full set of clean clothes again now, after postponing doing laundry for about 3 weeks. Last Wednesday was a quite and wet day, making it the perfect night for boring laundry. It took me two huge bags to carry the dirty laundry to the laundrette, where it took me three loads and two tumble dryers to finish it all off. Lola (my dear laundry pal) and I both had so much laundry that we were using half the laundrette for our stuff, and probably ticking off all the other students wanting to use the machines in the process. It’s like a proper jungle in there, where survival of the fittest get’s to actually clean their clothes. When someone’s washing is done and the timer has stopped everybody starts hovering around it like vultures. It’s actually quite funny how serious it can get. Unfortunately I also paid the price for my ignorance in clothes washing as I shrunk all my jumpers by putting them in the tumble dryer…….. Ups…. Student life..

In addition to this I’ve been working quite hard in the library trying to keep up with my lecture notes, portfolio and reading. Spent all day there on Sunday and Monday in the quite zone working away with the company of my fellow flatmates. I’ve got quite a way to go though, primarily because my lecturer prepared a three hour lab session for us to draw the entire animal kingdom with everything from fish to mammals. Quite a task..

What else has happened? Well, I went out with my ecology class to see the firework display in Norwich, and it was amazing (check out my short film on Instagram in the side menu)!! I’ve never seen such timing between fireworks and music before. They were spot on! After watching the display and unfortunately getting drenched in the rain we found shelter in a nearby pub and continued when dry to to Weatherspoons. It was nice to finally do something with my class and to get to know them a bit more, and the whole evening was just so lovely.


Lastly I attended a delightful formal dinner party yesterday with my flatmates in the kitchen. There were formal invitations, wine glasses and wine, table cloth and serviettes, resulting in the finest and most classy fish and chips meal I’ve ever had. Yes, you heard correct; fish and chips. Good grub.


Oh! I can’t wait to show you guys the photos from the UV party I went to at the LCR this week. It was so funny! The photo’s should be out soon, so the post should be out in the near future 🙂

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