From Norwich to London to home and back again

I can tell you straight away that I have never and will never be a relaxed traveller (especially on my own, which was the case of this trip) , and this weekend really tested my ability to stay sane. Sure enough it’s now Sunday evening, which means I actually survived the petrifying experience of what normal people refer to as travel, and what I feel is more appropriately called Hell’s Journey. People say “it’s not the destination, it’s the road that gets you there which is the reward”, and to that I say in a sassy ghetto manner: “say whaaaaat? “. Timetables, schedules, people, pushing, tickets, queuing, cash and running is not my idea of fun! My trip home to dear old Norway consisted of train to London Liverpool Street,  from there the underground to Victoria Station, and lastly another train to Gatwick airport where I took a plane to Flesland Bergen. (Pictures are from the way back when it was a million times less people and I actually had time to take a couple of snapshots).

The reward however was just so indescribably perfect. In Bergen at the airport awaited my fantastic boyfriend with roses, smiling from ear to ear in a handsome outfit. Sjur, you are so amazing. It felt so incredibly good to come home again and meet family and friends, and to also see everything that I didn’t even realize I missed, like driving and experiencing Bergen’s famous rain. The weekend consisted of my boyfriends 21st birthday (the reason I put myself through the horror of travel in the first place), seeing my best friend, dinner with my parents, movies, and a couple of trips in both Sjur’s and my own car. Of course, a lot of great food and drink again as I was spoilt with both Sjur’s parent’s cooking (soo good, with “verdens beste” cake too!)  and my own mums delicious fish pie. It was great to catch up with my best friend Eidi too, it felt like we literally hadn’t been a part at all. It felt strange hugging her in greating as it felt like I’d seen her the day before. Haha!

All in all the travelling was beyond worth it, and my weekend was maybe one of the best ones I’ve had all year! I’m now on the train again towards Norwich where I can’t wait to get into my bed and fall asleep.. Hope you had a lovely weekend too 🙂

2 thoughts on “From Norwich to London to home and back again

  1. Haha, yikes, å reise er absolutt ikke gøy når man føler seg stresset og har mange reiseledd (fra tog til tog til tog til fly feks) foran seg på kort tid. Og spesielt ikke når man har mye med seg! Det er det verste jeg vet.. Slik som når jeg var ute å reiste i helga og bare hadde med håndbagasje. Hadde både veske, liten koffert, jakke, skjerf, datamaskin, sko osv som måtte av i sikkerhetskontrollen og til tross for at jeg tar av meg nærmest ALT piper jeg likevel og må sjekkes, deretter viser det seg at jeg har en krukke med honning jeg kjøpte fra en gammel dame på et marked i håndbagasjen, og den tar de selvsagt.. ugh. Man blir både sliten varm og oppgitt. 😛 Å reise er det beste jeg vet, men da fra jeg går AV flyet, ikke før. Sikkerhetskontrollen er nemlig noe av det verste jeg vet, haha..

    Huff, nå tar jeg helt av her.

    Høres ut som du hadde en veldig trivelig helg hjemme da! Ser koselig ut på bildene. 🙂

    • Haha ja, er ikke noe lett tur gjennom sikkerhetskontrollen! Jeg ble også stoppet og de måtte se gjennom hele baggen min. Hele prosessen er rett og slett bare stressende! 😛

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