When neon paint get’s out of control

Finally the photos from the UV night at the LCR were published and this time it turned out that I was in four photos! Haha, we look like we are camera-predators or something wanting photos of ourselves all the time.

Photos from pre-drinks

LCR time:


Jodie, me and Tani! I just love this photo ❤


David and I.. no idea what pose we are trying to do!


Probably the funniest photo taken of the gang so far. David looks like he’s belly dancing, I look like I’ve been taken by serious surprise by the flash, Jodie and Katharine look posed and perfect as usual, and Luke… Well … no words can describe (pay particular attention to the eyes and arm which looks like it’s a product of a murder scene).


Me and David again, demanding what looks like another shot with the camera man.

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