Seal trip!

On Saturday (tomorrow) I am going to go with UEA’s CAWS society to see some seals at Horsey Gap, apparently one of the largest seal colonies in Britain. There’s a fair chance we’ll get to see some seal pups as well, so I am really excited. I’ve actually been lucky enough to have seen a seal colony already once before this year when my family was in northern England this summer (don’t ask me more specifically where, I’ve forgotten).

Previous photo’s I’ve taken of seals, to be more exact: the grey seal (and some birds). Pictures are linked to my Flickr where there are even more:
Untitled Atlantic puffin and guillemot in takeoff Grey seals at Farne Island A lumery of guillimots on cliff edge Grey seals Untitled Untitled Grey seals at Farne Island Grey seals Bridled Guillemot Grey seals Guillemot and razorbills Grey seals

Can’t wait to hopefully take some more photo’s this Saturday and show you guys! Probably not as good at this lot though.. I’ve only got my digital camera down here.

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