Horsey Gap

As you guys already know I was on a seal trip this Saturday at Horsey Gap. I woke up that morning having overslept and just around 15 minutes to get myself down to where I was supposed to meet up, and I surely paid the price for my laziness. I got myself down there, in warm clothes, my pocket wildlife in Britain guide, my phone and my camera, with amazingly some time to spare giving me just enough time to buy a “healthy” breakfast from the vending machine before getting into the vans and setting off. The trip down there took around 45 minutes and indeed at the destination there were the seals. There were lots of them all down the coast lazing in the sand with their pups. I whipped out my camera to take photos of the adorable site that lay in front of me; little pups with big black eyes and fluffy white fur that couldn’t have been more than a day old, and then horror of horrors. My camera said “Please insert memory card”.


So hey ho, I have no photos of my own to share. Luckily I grabbed a few off Facebook from my friend Stephanie (thank you Steph <3). It was a superb day anyway, the loss of camera meant that I actually used some time observing the funny creatures than being obsessed about taking great photos. In addition to this the society went for a pub meal and then a walk around the nearby area to look at some bird life. All in all a lovely way to spend a Saturday.




Me with CAWS looking at Grey seals at Horsey gap (photo not mine)


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