Survival of the fittest

Finally it’s Friday! Usually this means I can have a bit of a break, but nooo, this weekend is going to be hell on earth. Next week is the last week before end of term, and for us people at university that means exams, tests, deadlines and more exams. I’m actually very tempted to creep into my bed and just hibernate for a week, forgetting about all my worries and everything. Unfortunately I just have to bite the bullet and get through it. I thought I’d tell you guys what horrors await me for next week to gain some sympathy:

  • Monday:  Cramming, where the library and my desk are my best friends.
  • Tuesday: 4 hour Investigative Skills examination (I’ll be walking around the lab with a handout and my portfolio frantically trying to identify and describe a huge amount of species). 
  • Wednesday: 2 hour Formative Assessment Essay in the module Biodiversity where I’ll be handed out a series of questions and where I pick two topics and write an essay on each one.
  • Thursday: Portfolio is to be handed in and I have a formative presentation in the module Skills for a Biologist on the topic of “Discuss whether organisms always evolve into more complex forms”.
  • Friday: Course test in general maths and Statistics followed by celebrating (or drowning my sorrows) being done by going out with my friends! Oh, and also meeting up for dinner with my mum first!!
  • Saturday: Spending the day with my mum in Norwich.
  • Sunday: Coming HOME ❤ ❤




Lastly I’ll say thanks again to my lovely boyfriend for sending me a care package that I received today. It was stuffed with “Rett i Koppen” soups and hot chocolate, plus some extra treats like melkesjokolade, kaviar and brown cheese. I really am pleased, just look at the amount I have to last me now!

CIMG2406 CIMG2405

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