I survived..

..Just.. This week has been a real tough one. I am at this moment lying dead in my bed feeling tired and completely empty. In addition to facing the storm of the week of deadlines and exams I want out on Friday. So now I am physically and mentally drowned. Any energy that was left in the week was killed last night at Wonderland where admittedly I still had an awesome time there. But now, I am so entirely and fully ready to go home and rest.

On Saturday however I didn’t waste my time in bed, instead I spent the day with mum on the Broads. We went for an enjoyable boat trip and was treated with a couple of surprises including a wild otter and a wild kingfisher. We also took the trip down to the coast by car and went for a quick break in a local pub before setting off back to the village we started off in for some good old fish and chips.


CIMG2573aCIMG2578aCIMG2586CIMG2591CIMG2593CIMG2596CIMG2603CIMG2541aCIMG2545aCIMG2551aCIMG2556aCIMG2560aCIMG2562aCIMG2563a CIMG2566aCIMG2567a

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