My holiday so far

So far my holiday has been perfect, with lots of time spent with Sjur, friends and family, and with way too many lazy days in front of the TV. Major events include a weekend at Sjur’s “hytte” with his family where again most of the time we just were lazing around the house. One reason for my indoorsy lifestyle (lame excuse) is that the weather has been terrible. I have yet to experience a day without rain.

Then it was the main event: Christmas. This year has been so hectic and it occurred to me only two days before Christmas; “WOW, it’s Christmas in two days.. I better hurry and finish buying gifts!”. Luckily, as my budget is depressingly small, I didn’t have to buy gifts for too many people, and for the couple of people I was buying for I could actually get some really nice stuff. I love buying quality presents for a few people, rather than a quantity of presents that are of less worth. On Christmas Eve I impatiently waited whilst all my Norwegian friends were having a swell time already in full celebrations. The highlight of that day was going to church with my family and my best friend to hear the school choir that we used to sing in. There is in particular one song that I have to hear, otherwise Christmas is ruined, which is the main reason I go to that service. “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker” must be one of the most beautiful songs ever made, and when my choir sings it I get the chills and my hairs rise on my arms. For anybody who doesn’t know it, here’s a version from Youtube (we obviously don’t sound at all like her, but it’s the same melody). Helene Bøksle – Mitt hjerte alltid vanker

Christmas day was of course wonderful. My favourite presents this year was a silver Swiss Army watch and loudspeakers from Sjur (am I spoilt or what?). My main present was money to buy a new computer, some practical stuff for uni and lots of other treats.

Bilde uten tittel

Bilde uten tittel1

The new edition to our houshold is the lovely little kitty that is in most of the photo’s above (who we have named Molly). She first came into our lives a few months ago and has been coming to visit more and more regularly. At first we put out notices for lost cat and our neighbours also did everything they could to try and find the owner. Vets, registration offices etc, but seems like nobody wants this adorable cat. She is doing fine though, she alternates on living in our and our neighbours house, and she has definitley settles down here. I love her already.

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