Brighter day

So after a very heart to heart post and a sleepless night I decided to just get out of bed. I didn’t waste the day today though, I drove my brother to school (which incedently was my lovely old school) and then decided yolo, I’ll drive into town and walk up Fløyen. Time by the time I got back was only 10.30.


I’m going to pretend the view was as spectacular as this photo. It wasn’t quite as stunning as this, but pretty close. Bergen ❤ . ph_flick

After my biggest achievement of the holiday (doing some exercise), I drove home and went for a nap, which was followed by… essay writing! yay! It’s not a lot and I still have a hell of a way to go, and the clock is still ticking, but I’ve started and I’m feeling a bit more confident now.


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