Friends Road


As first years we live, as you already know, on campus in Student Accommodation, but by the next academic year we are kicked out and thrown into the real world to fend for our selves. This Friday the university released through “Home-Run” almost all of the potential houses to rent, and it was chaos. We are 6 people (Jodie, David, Katharine, Luke, Zoe and myself) and for some strange reason this is a hard number to work with. Less houses are designed for so many people, and for those that are they get snatched up extremely quickly. However, thanks to some hard work from Zoe and Katharine we managed to get some viewings at some lovely houses. We immediately loved the one above, and basically after looking at it for less than 10 minutes we rang the lady and asked about having it. The hasty decision was made due to the fact that at least 40 other people were viewing it at the same time as us, and it would have probably been sold by tomorrow. A couple of days ago we checked out a cute house, but it was further away from campus and a bit cramp in some of the bedrooms. In addition to this a mouldy, damp house was viewed, and two other places under the same land lord’s ownership that we are now going to move into next year (it’s not 100% yet as there is still some signing and paperwork to do). The house is a good size, fairly modern, clean, with good sized bedrooms and most of the several essential facilities. Prices, although I know close to nothing about economy (particularly in England) seemed fairly standard according to my friends, but of course, we cannot truly know this until we actually start living there. Oh, and the best thing of all is the name of the street it is in: Friends Road. How satisfyingly symbolic.

MapLook at it’s location! It’s basically right next to UEA. Ph_GoogleMaps

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