The problem with habits

Helloo.. I just realized that it is Sunday today and that it’s already seven days into the new semester. What have I done in that time? Not followed my new years resolutions, that’s for sure.. Well, I worked really hard until Thursday with my essays, went jogging and followed my strength programme a couple of times, but apart from that everything has gone to pot again. My food choices are beyond horrible and my economy is feeling it. Tomorrow is Monday, and I intend to start fresh again. I have decided that I am going to remain sober for a month and completely drop out alcohol and the night-life scene because drinking is unbelievably bad for your health. There is so many calories in alcohol, and the result of a night out is being lazy and sluggish the next day. Basically it drains you of your money, makes you fatter, messes with your sleep patters and thus reduces the quality of life and work. I’m actually looking forward to it, and I am not going to be peer-pressured by fellow students and general university culture to change my mind. More training, less drinking! 😀


Whilst I am on the subject of health I thought I could just share with you guys a couple of observations and opinions I have developed since I have been here in Britain, and it is basically this: I really think Britain has a serious problem when it comes to obesity. Maybe it’s not quite America yet, but the country is rapidly catching up. Since being here I have appreciated how having a healthy lifestyle is part of the Norwegian culture. I think with countries like Britain and the USA that providing horrific evidence of the negative affects of western lifestyle, Norway has also been more concious about not going down that same path, both on an individual level and as a country. In school I was taught how to cook healthy meals in cooking class, learned about the food pyramid, affects of food, alcohol and other substances on the body, and gym classes were taken very seriously with for example papers that were performed and written on outdoor activities and personal training programmes. I obviously don’t know how the school system in England here works, but I’m certain they haven’t put in as much effort in education and encouraged a healthy lifestyle at a young age as Norway has. Aren’t the school dinners famously bad with chips and stuff? However, since being here I have unfortunately got dragged into this culture of take-aways, heating up curries and other fatty foods, and slightly embracing the country’s (and particular the student’s) drinking habits. Also, why is the government or the food companies doing something about the stupid price difference between healthy and unhealthy products? It should be encouraged to pick fresh vegetables, meats, fish and fruit at the shop rather than dirt cheap chocolate, chips ready made sandwiches, fizzy drinks and fast foods! Why is it so expensive to be healthy? As a student, my money is highly restricted and so setting off to become an adult I am picking up bad habits and lifestyle choices. The government should really acknowledge this problem that young people, the future generations of the nation, are being nearly forced to end up obese. I am not only just referring to the huge people that use up two seats on the bus and can’t walk properly, but generally the whole nation with it’s people who are all becoming fat or chubby in some way or another. Maybe I am being dramatic, but maybe as a foreign student my fresh perspective is therefore clearer, as the problem is more obviously smacked into my face than the people who have lived here their entire life. I am worried I am going to get sucked into it as well.

I’m now reminiscing from my summer in Tenerife with my best friend in 2012. We worked sooo hard to get fit for this trip, I remember working for six months at the gym and jogging several times a week to get to that state (not that it’s MUCH of an achievement) so I could feel confident in short summer clothes and bikinis. I was so much more happy and healthier, could manage a lot more exercise than now. Feeling down on how I look lately and I really want to get back to were I was two years ago.

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