My technological world is complete

AAA, I’m so excited! I’ve just got my brand new laptop! This is obviously my delayed Christmas present from my parents who gave me some money to go and get myself a new pc in England. This was truly needed because my old pc was falling apart and slowly but steadily dying on me. My keyboard was missing letters, the screen was slightly black in one corner, it would suddenly decide to stop the audio in weird situations and only come on again if you switched it off and on, and it sounded like it was constantly heaving after it’s breath and wheezing like a very old person. However, no more. Now I have a good quality (and highly fancy) laptop that should last me a substantial length of time. To be precise it is a Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13.3-inch convertible laptop and it cost me 700 pounds (with 22% discount). According to it’s description it should be ideal for switching between work and play with a “10 point multi-touch display that folds back 360 degrees”. In addition to this it uses Windows 8 operative system and an Intel processor. Oh and it’s orange (major influence in my decision). To be fair I know less than nothing about computers, but conveniently my boyfriend in IT could give his professional help and opinion to find the ideal pc for me (so if it isn’t any good Sjur, I’ll blame you ❤ ). Unfortunately it was a little bit over my original budget that I received from mum and dad and so I had to chip in a bit myself. I think it was a good decision though, as the ones that I was originally looking at within my budget were older models and of much poorer quality. Hopefully it isn’t so fancy so that my technologically retarded brain can stand a chance against this modern alien. I feel so old sometimes.


Oh, and to be honest my technical world is not complete. I am still currently on Nokia therapy after ruining my phone by dropping it by accident down the toilet before the Christmas holiday. I deserve this though. No Samsung S3 for a while, I’m just going to punish myself with this thing from the Stone Ages for a bit. Hopefully it will teach me a lesson (again).


what a beauty. It calls people. That’s it.

2 thoughts on “My technological world is complete

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  2. Pingback: My technological world is complete! #2 | A little fledgling

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