898 km

Have you ever felt for a moment like you are happy and grateful and yet at the same time you are incredibly saddened and disappointed? This is exactly how I felt like when waving off Sjur at the bus station this evening after spending the most wonderful weekend together here at UEA. Two days together fly past so quickly and suddenly I’m still in Norwich and he’s back in Bergen, with 898 km and 1 hour time difference separating us again. Being in a long distance relationship is really lonely most of the time, but in another sense it makes you appreciate the times you actually get to be with each other. Also, in this day and age communication is so easily achieved with the internet and telephones, planes and trains. Everyday I am so lucky that we get to say “good morning” and “good night” to each other like there is absolutely no distance between us at all. What all this modern technology doesn’t give you though is a loving, warm, bone-crushing hug.

Oh well, such is life.. However, to end this post on a more lighter and more cheerful note check out this delicious omelette we made together this morning for Sunday brunch!

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