Summer job stress

Who would have known that looking for a job this summer was so stressful! So far I’ve proceeded by redoing my CV (thanks for the help Sjur), talked to my previous boss to hear about him being a reference, written specific job applications for each job I’ve applied for, called and e-mailed. I thought as I can’t physically walk into the shops and work places and personally hand over my application because I am in England (not a great advantage when applying for jobs in Norway) I thought the next best thing would be to call. It’s terribly nerve-racking , completely out of my comfort zone, and I really struggle to know what to say. I’m really trying though and I’m pushing myself a little for this. I think the key is to sound very enthusiastic and clear on the phone. Places I’ve applied for are at the moment related to my study as this is obviously the most likely and also the most interesting (I REALLY hope I get one of the following jobs), and include: Stend Gardsbruk og Gartneri, Akvariet, Plantasjen Birkeland, Sentrum Zoo, Midtun Zoo.


For my previous job I didn’t have to go through any of this, as I heard from a friend about the opening job opportunity. I immediately applied, got an interview and then boom, I had a job. Easy peasy. It was a nice job actually, although at times very tedious and boring, it still got me some work experience, some cash and something to put on my CV. At least when I was behind the reception I actually had no problem doing school work, and so the balance between work and school never clashed or became an issue.

Here I am pretending I could play squash at work. It’s really difficult actually, because it’s a game that relies on body and mind working as one, and my coordination skills (as discovered during trying to learn this sport) are terribly poor. I can imagine it is a really good sport to keep you in shape both physically and mentally, as it’s amazingly explosive dynamic exercise, and it get’s your mind working out strategies, planning ahead and predicting the players next move. I could last about 30 minutes tops, whilst some of the hardcore professionals (most of them, embarrassingly, where a lot older than me) would play for up to three hours!! So much for being in the best health and physique as possible at the prime of my youth (HEHE).

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