I am addicted to wasting my life

God.. I have to read this book for my module and it is killing me. People say that university is so good because you have so much freedom to chose how you wish to work and when, but what that reaaally means is that you obtain the skills of a world wide leading champion in procrastination. The book at hand is The Selfish Gene and it’s supposedly a good book, and I believe it, but I have the attention span of a fish and it takes some unidentified magic to get me hooked  on reading material. I have never been a vigorous reader, but on a few occasions I have truly enjoyed and got obsessed about a few books. I have no problem reading and understanding (not dyslexic or anything silly like that), but when texts that are so long and drifting my mind switches off and I basically read without registering words. Basically, as an extremely picky reader I’m afraid this book is not drawing me in. Any tips on how to get really engaged with a book?

The sad thing is though, is that I wish I did read a lot more. I have so many interesting books from friends and family,  both work related and entertaining that I want to read and remember. David Attenborough, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins and many others have so much important to teach me, and I am wasting my life on the damn computer writing blog posts and chatting on Facebook about nonsense. Can we have a power cut please?

Time on face This is the amount and distribution of activity, either on phone or on the computer, that I spend on Facebook during a day (Stats from a program called Wolfram Alpha that analyses your Facebook profile for you if you give it permission). I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve personally spent on Facebook, but from what I can see here, it’s at least a major part of my entire day. You can see where my sleep patterns are, and that Facebook is both the first thing I check when I get up and last thing I do before I go to sleep, in addition to being on it all day too. Wow. This is scary. If this isn’t a socially accepted (nearly encouraged) addiction, I don’t know what. Unfortunately, this is a very common use of Facebook. What does the website give me? To a certain degree it gives me the opportunity to connect and stay in touch with distant, yet important friends and family, in addition to sharing photos, memories, ideas and entertainment. But it doesn’t make us  any more happy. Actually, I find that it can make me really empty, tired and angry after realizing that I’ve wasted yet another day of me life, electricity and the planets resources.

Maybe I’m just whining. Maybe this is a serious issue. Or maybe I just wasted another couple of hours not reading this book. Good night.

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