Billy the Chilli

Completely forgot to post this a couple of weeks back! Haha, not that it’s a very important post, but it’s amusing. So, one of the flatmates bought this little plant when it was no more than a centimetre tall and now he has grown up and both bloomed little white flowers and grown little chillies. We actually ate one of them the other week, and BOY were they hot! I only ate a tiny bit of it (raw) and it burned the inside of my mouth for quite a long time! Felt like my skin was touching acid. Haha! Unfortunatly Billy doesn’t seem to be doing very well now and is starting to gradually whither. Are chillies supposed to die and come back the following year perhaps, or does it just keep getting bigger and persist through “winter”? I have no clue, and I don’t think Billy knows either as it can’t seem to decide if it want’s to die or stay alive. 


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