“Close together or far apart, you’re forever in my heart”

YEEEEYY! My valentines present is now finally here! There was such a mix up and delay that I honestly thought I’d never see it. The flower company was supposed to call me on valentines day about the delivery (which I didn’t even know who or what it was, as Sjur refused to give me any hints), but never did, instead they delivered to the post office. After hearing nothing from the flower company for a couple of days Sjur called them and they said they had delivered to the security lodge where a person called Kayle had signed for it. So I had to call the security lodge to hear about that, and they said they hadn’t received any parcel of that description. Today I double checked at the post office, and sure enough, there it was… The post people had forgotten to contact me and had forgotten all together about the parcel. BUT, 5 days later I finally have the gift! To be honest the excitement had slightly worn away after it had been such a pain to retrieve it, but when I opened it it was truly worth it. Roses, red wine and chocolates… mhmm.. Sjur you nailed it ❤ . Equally as romantic as on our 6 month anniversary. Can’t wait to give Sjur’s present when I visit him in a couple of weeks! I am very excited about, and hope he likes it!










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