My near-death experienced weekend

Intriguing title? It’s a bit of a dramatic thing to say, but as a dramatic person I like to exaggerate.So anyway, it’s now Monday morning and I’m exhausted from yesterdays travel back from Norway, because as usual travel is stressful, but the actual weekend was lovely. Well, it was a bit terrifying at times (like the title suggests). My first encounter with this was on the Friday when the plane was landing during strong winds. There was a lot of turbulence and the landing was far from smooth. When we (literally) hit the ground at full speed (apparently this is their method when the weather is like this) it started tipping aggressively from side to side, and it was so frightening that a woman in the plane actually let out a scream. However, after my near death encounter when landing I was finally reunited with Sjur  in Bergen<3.


Saturday we decided we were going to be sporty, and so Sjur, Eidi myself and two of Sjur’s friends headed up Bergen’s tallest mountain, Ulriken. We were idiots. Of course, like yesterday it was incredibly windy, but we didn’t really feel the wrath of mother nature until the final 100 meters to the top when very it suddenly got incredibly stormy with (insane) strong winds, snow and hail and no visibility. We reached the top where we met Sjur’s friends (cause I’m slow and we were behind) and we immediatley started panicking, as the storm was getting worse and worse, and none of the buildings on top were open. People started saying we should get down as fast as possible, but some of us more sensible people decided to not just naively get right back out there again. By then we had formed a group of around 15 people (including hikers and tourists) that were all in distress as to what to do next. We actually called the police to explain our situation, as proven here in a Norwegian newspaper  (lol). Apparently, the meteorologist said the weather hadn’t been this bad for a very very long time. They told us that winds were too strong to get a helicopter up to us and the cable cars could also not run in this weather. Basically our options were this: (1) wait in the freezing cold until the storm passes (not really an option), (2) wait for them to send up a man to help us down again (what’s the point?), or (3) agree as a group to try and walk down again. We reluctantly decided option 3. So as a group, after sharing out gloves and coats, we went out in the hideous weather, and I actually thought there was a serious chance of getting injured or dying. The first 150-200 meters were the worse: steep rocky terrain where you were aided by a cold metal bar to hold onto so to not fall, heavy winds that made it hard to stand up and breath, hands that went so cold that they started thumping in shoots of pain (I was convinced they were gonna drop off) and hardly any visibility. Eidi was a proper viking and was practically leading the whole gang down, whilst I was useless and struggling at the back. Eidi fell once, Sjur fell once, his friend fell four times, and I (with my carefull and slow pace) only bruised my legs and ankles a bit. Sjur refused to leave me, even though he had no coat or gloves on because he gave them away to us girls like a propper gentleman does <3. My hero <3.  When we got down to the tree line and we were more shaded from the storm, everything was fine and the group went their separate ways and all was well.

For some reason I decided that on all the photos taken I was going to prove I had arm muscles….

Later on that evening my friend Malin joined us for an absolutely awesome evening with drinks and pizza before heading to town. Pre drinks were epic, as we girls dominated it with classic tunes from 10 years back. We’re talking early Rihanna, Pussycat Dolls, Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Justin Timberlake, Cascada, etc. here. Tunes.

Sunday we embraced our familiar laziness and just slobbed around the house all afternoon before going to my parents for dinner. Monday morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast, a bit of work, a bit of TV and a bit of messing about with Sjur’s new phone with camera  at  a view point not far from his house. Soon after I was on the plane back to England.


4 thoughts on “My near-death experienced weekend

  1. YIKES! Hørtes scary ut både med flyturen og fjellturen! Været kan være scary as shit noen ganger (som nå her oppe i nord, haha) 😛 Supert at det gikk bra begge gangene da, og at resten av helgen gikk roligere for seg! 🙂

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