Bird ringing

Yesterday my ecology class and I went on a little field trip around campus watching our lecturer doing a bit of bird ringing. It was really interesting and we learned about all the equipment, bird capturing techniques, ringing methods and what information they collected from the captured individuals. In addition to this, we all got to hold a live bird (you actually need a licence for this, and we could hold them under our lecturers licence). I personally got to hold a blue tit, using a sort of claw grip that holds the bird nicely by putting pressure on the birds back making it completely still. On a couple of the pictures below you can see how we did it (not my photo’s though, they belong to a friend). Completely harmless, and when I was finished holding it I just opened my hands and the bird flew off. It was so fluffy and adorable! Next week there are more field trips, and I can’t wait, even though it’s annoying that they are all in the last two weeks before Easter when we already have tons of essays, reports and exams.




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