Tell me why I don’t like Mondaays

.. Wrong! Usually they are horrible week starting killers where every thought from the lovely, relaxing weekend becomes a distant memory shoved away to make room for the dreary thought of work and peoductivity. However, this Monday was lovely! In addtion to only having one lecture at four, I got myself up nice and early, started some of my work, made an intense plan for this week and spoken to my advisor. Best of all though is probably my day with my lovely friend David. the weather was so lovely today and we went for two walks, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, and made a yummy lasagne (from scratch). We laid the table, made some salad, cheered up our drinks with umbrellas and tucked into the lasagne (which was a success!). A more perfect Monday I can’t imagine.


And lastly Here’s the delicious lasagne.


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