I have some big news! This summer, from 2. June to 28. June, two of my lovely friends (one who is currently in mexico at the moment and already done a bit of backpacking before, blog) and I are going on what I predict one of my most exotic and exciting holidays ever! We are going to go backpacking in central America!!!!! I honestly can’t wait! I have never even been outside Europe yet, and so this is going to be one heck of a trip for me. Reading all my favourite travelling bloggers for so long eventually just lead to me not being able to take it any more. I feel like this is the only time when the phrase yolo becomes appropriate, because YOLO this is the time to travel and experience the world, young and with no obligations (and fortunate enough to actually own some cash). Two awesome friends, freedom, adventure, travel, beeches, activities, exploring and fun, what more can I ask for? I don’t have that much more info to share with you guys yet, but I’ll probably tell you more details when they are sorted 🙂

central america

Uni pc1

Travel inspo found on Google, WeHeartit and Tumblr. 

In addition to this, I am going to Ireland from the 6.-20. of september as part of my course. More specifically as part of my module called Ecology field Course and will take place at Inch on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry in South West of Ireland. Here we are going to : “explore the ecology of dune, estuarine, shore, woodland, montane and other ecosystems. Quantitative methods will be used to investigate taxonomic diversity, community structure, evolutionary adaptations, animal behaviour and key ecological processes such as succession, competition and herbivory. Emphasis is placed on identifying plant and animal species, learning a variety of fieldwork techniques, summarising and analysing data and planning projects”. Of course there are to be some papers filled with stats and hard work after the field course during the semester, but I’m not even going to think about that yet. Let’s have the fun first 🙂



10 thoughts on “Destinations

      • Spennende! Jeg har skrevet noen innlegg om Costa Rica og Panama. I Panama ville jeg absolutt besøkt Bocas del Toro – ta båttaxi rundt om på øyene, og få med dere Zapatilla. Ellers er det jo gøy å være i Panama City noen dager. Derifra er det mange spennende steder dere kan reise til. I Costa Rica: Playa Samara og Montezuma. Nyt livet! God tur når den tid kommer 🙂

  1. Åååh så fantastisk! 😀 Det er virkelig bare å kaste seg i det, ellers oppnår man ingenting 😉 Latin-Amerika har jeg selv drømt om å oppleve lenge. Vil tro dere får en helt magisk reise!

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