Hiyaa! This weekend has been a good one, even though I regret doing next to nothing when it comes to work. Oh well, I’ll just have to really get my head down this week and get crackin’. On Sunday I’m coming home ❤ … Home! I get all warm inside just thinking about it! For a little update though! Friday was quite an eventful day with firstly ecology field trip! We went out and got familiar with several cencus techniques; populaiton size indexes, point-counts, line transects, territorial mapping, important assumptions for the different techniques and factors one has to consider like detectability and how to consider sampling in a larger habitat (stratified random sampling). We used birds as our sampling taxa, and I’ve realized I regreted not paying more attention to my bird-expert father. We were practising how to identify and locate birds by just listening to them. To be honest though, I don’t think I could even recognize them by seeing them either. This is something I think would be cool to learn though! Maybe this summer 🙂

Immediately after I ran back, got ready in a 2 minute time span and then got into a taxi with my friends and went for a lovely night out starting off at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Food was fairly cheap and it was delicious. I can’t remember last time I had a propper burger! After the meal we rushed to a church (don’t know where) and listened to my friend playing in the UEA music society band’s spring concert. It was nice, but close to 2 and a half our.. Hehehe.. Zoe and I finished off the evening by watching 21 Jump Street! That movie is damn funny!

The rest of the weekend I have worked out and enjoyed the lovely weather Norwich has had! Blue skies and heat, a nice change ❤ The campus is coming back to life, and everywhere there are buzzing of people playing frisbee, jogging, dog-walking, having piknics and grilling. There are flowers everywhere and the birds are in full song! Going to be slightly sad leaving this scene and going to Norway were everything is about a season behind. Even though, last week they had record high temperatures for this time of year! I promise you this, as soon as I land in Bergen the weather will give me rain. Sods Law.


Yesterday was Sjur and I’s 1 year anniversary ❤ Time flies!

4 thoughts on “Chill

  1. Både ser og høres ut som en herlig weekend! Deilig at våren er såpass i anmarsj der borte. Litt lenger igjen her kanskje, men tiden går jo fort som du sier 😉 Gratulerer med jubileumet også!

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