Still alive

Phew… Saturday ❤ My maths exam yesterday was horrible, but I did my best, and I think it went alright. Later that day my ecology class went on a Field trip to Foxley Wood, where I endured another course test. Very different than any test I’ve had before! We literally sat in the grass with our paper, birdsong and the outdoors. Made the atmosphere lighter and more relaxing. For the exam we had to identify a plant (lol, didn’t do to good at that) using keys, design a theoretical survey answering an ecological question and answer a couple of questions on census techniques etc.

The rest of the field trip we were learning about coppicing and ancient woodland indicators (like the flowers below: primrose, dog mercury and early-purple orchid).







The field trip ended at around five, and then it was off home to start organizing myself for a night out with Jodie, David, Connor and Luke! It was soo nice to have a night out and not worry about work! I can’t believe it’s Easter holiday!  The actual night was spent in Wonderland and it was… eventful, as usual. Warriors!


Polaroid photo of the gang! Luke, Connor, Jodie and David! 

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