Dreams change

Hiyaa following from yesterdays troubled post, I have decided to tell you about one of my decisions. Firstly, I have declined the offer to work in Eidfjord, and secondly, I have decided that I no longer wish to take a year abroad in Australia. Two years ago, that was all I wanted to do. Haha, I actually wanted to do my whole degree in Australia. However, my mum realized I was being perhaps a bit ambitious and naive, and convinced me that UEA was a more suitable place to start. More specifically: Ecology with a Year Abroad. It was a four year degree, which included a year abroad, where one of the options was Australia. Well it wasn’t as straight forward as that, as there wasn’t a 100 % certainty that I would be able to get into an Australia for a year abroad as this is a very popular choice. For me though, it would have been Australia or nothing.

I applied and got in! All was well! Perfect actually! I could be closer to home, and at the same time actually still experience a full year in Australia!

Then, I actually moved to England. Yeah, it’s not as far away and as unfamiliar as Australia, but it was one heck of a challenge. Flipping over from a Norwegian videregående to a full on English university was quite a task. Being on my own, with only help and home found through Facebook and the telephone. I was properly on my own, and I really felt it. The time spent away from home, friends and family and loved ones, made my fondness of Australia ever so slightly start to fade. This dream has continued to fade, until the point when I didn’t know what I wanted any more. I have obviously settled fairly well in England. Made some really good friends, gone to tons of fun parties and events, and already learned a lot about ecology! However, this feeling of missing home is always at the back of my mind, and it will probably always be there.

My dream of Australia has changed. I don’t wish to go there during my academic time through UEA. However! Australia is such an amazing place, that there is no chance of me not going there. Cause I will! Maybe with friends, or by volunteering or working or on holiday. I will visit.

It’s taken me a long time to finally decide to not do it! Feeling guilty because I have been given such an amazing opportunity, guilty for ruining the “experience of a lifetime”, and worried that friends and family would be disappointed. Think I’ve backed out cause I’m scared and dull. I can’t think like that though! I’ve just realized that the naive me, who before moving away from home didn’t think she would miss such a rainy and grey place like Bergen and my friends and family. But I do, and so I put them first and Australia second. Australia can wait a little 🙂

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