Feeling like an oldie

Today it struck me that it was exactly a year ago since I was a russ! WOW. Time flies. It felt like yesterday. This year’s “russ celebrations” started today (I assume), and whilst driving home from a pleasant walk up Stendafjellet with Eidi and Ivar (how old do we sound?) we could already hear the thumping music from the buses and vans, and spot the slowly emerging red clothed drunkards getting ready for a night to remember (probably forget). Nostalgia struck us.. Well, mostly Eidi and I.. The fun and insane time we had last year, although not to be bragged about when compared with more hardcore russ, was amazing and with so many memories. Doing silly stuff called the “russeknuter” and lots of partying, including that one amazing weekend at the russetreff in Stavanger where we saw artists like Tinie Tempah, Knife Party, Far East movement and others. That weekend could only be described as the largest and most insane party I have ever been to. Getting a glimpse of the “russe-bus” life as well was exiting, stepping inside these shamelessly expensive buses that were basically a night club on wheels, but with no rules, tons of friends and with loud music that technically could blow your ears. The songs from last year, constantly repeated during that time, and which we now have many fine memories associated with include the CLASSIC Justin Bieber and Will.i.am #thatPOWER, Scream and Shout by Britney and, yet again, Will.i.am, Ode To Oi by TJR, and MANY others. Also, obviously, the self made songs by all the various russe-buses and vans.

All I can say to this years russ is.. Enjoy.. It’s epic. Oh, but don’t go nuts and flunk at school 😉 . Also, you may regret the amount of McDonalds that you consume in this three week period.


Russefeiring 2013 from Eleanor Charnock on Vimeo.

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