Friends are everything

Suddenly you realize that some people have been there as long as you can remember. These two lovely souls who I went out for a walk with yesterday, for instance, I have known for about 14 out of my 19 years of existence. We’ve known eachother through our entire upringing, from childhood to teen years and up to this day. So many insane memories, experiences and laughs. Been there in good times and bad. Always making me feel like they had my back, and hopefully they felt like I had theirs. Some friends (even loved ones) pass and new ones are gained, but it’s a lovely feeling knowing that some of them, the best ones,  even though sometimes distance and time separate you lot for a while, still are always there for you!

Haha, there you have it 😛 So yeah, we went for a walk up Fløyen again. Not as nice weather this time, but it was still lovely!







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