Keep on going

Hiyaa! Yesterday Eidi and I went up Ulriken. You know, the same one which we last time had to walk down whilst battling a full blown storm, link?  This time however, the weather was perfect! In addition to this, I realized that I wasn’t quite as tired as last time I went up! All these walks this Easter then, must actually be doing some good! To further check the effect of these walks (and my healthy eating/diet) I popped myself on the scales this morning. Dreading the results, I looked down and wow. I had lost 3.3 kg! Not a lot maybe, but for me it was a big deal! Finally something to cheer me up! Hehe.. yeah, cause the rest of Easter (apart from the lovely walks) has kinda been shit. Plans for the summer were ruined, I ended up with no summer jobs, I have continued to build an anxiety over exams and revision, and yeah, other personal stuff.. To be quite honest, it’s been one of the worst times in my life for a very long time.. Could we speed time up so I can be happy again? On the bright side, I might be going on a weeks holiday with Eidi and Malin in August to Gran Canaria. Hopefully 🙂

Pictures from yesterday. Honestly, love this girl!












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