Blue sky and bluebells

Hiya! Back at UEA again! I travelled home yesterday with my dad, who stayed over night before heading back this morning. During the trip back home we spent the morning and afternoon in London, and it was amazing! I’ll go through photos and write a blog post about that soon! Pictures underneath were taken during the flight back to England. We had both good weather taking off and landing, and so, obviously, I had to take a couple of photos!




Landing at Gatwich

Feels nice returning to my student room, seeing all my friends and embracing the lovely summer atmosphere around campus! The birds are in full song, everything is lush and green, the sky is blue, the sun is warm and bright accompanied with a pleasant breeze of cool air, making it a perfect temperature. Makes me just sigh in relief. Very therapeutic indeed. Yesterday evening, when we arrived at UEA, my dad and I went to check out the bluebells here on campus. I have never seen a bluebell forest before (I think they only exist in Britain?) and it was beautiful! It was like looking at a purple mist floating over the ground. The photos underneath don’t really do the scene justice.. It is something you have to go and see for yourself in real life.







Now however, is serious study time. I already have en exam on “Skills for biologists” on Wednesday, followed by a week of more studying before a full blown week of five exams back to back. Then though.. is the summer… Please come quickly ❤

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