Uea campus in the summer!

The weather here is so gorgeous at the moment! Actually, too gorgeous. It’s not making exam revision any easier, and it gets so hot in the afternoon my room practically becomes a sauna. Today though, David and I went for a lovely walk around campus to enjoy a bit of the sun! It was so lovely! UEA is so peaceful and beautiful! Btw! How awesome is this? My friend David decided to start his own little blog! Check it out!






Also, for some more good news! I got some of my course work back today and I scored 70 % (aka a 1st) on both! One of the papers was related to an environmental module and was about “Exploring the issue of sustainability using the example of tropical habitat degradation in South America for agricultural use” and the other was related to a Biology module and was a scientific report on “An examination of how abiotic and biotic factors affect brine shrimp’s (Artemia sp.) pre-copulatory mating activity and behaviour”. Yeeeyy, right mum? 😀

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