Beautiful country landscape of Norfolk

So me and David went for a bit of a walk yesterday afternoon in the, yet again, awesome weather. This time we ended up going on quite a trek through Norfolk, crossing railway tracks, several churches (we even went inside a couple), visiting a nature reserve, seeing tons of horses, and more! The walk, called the Parish Walk, crossed several parishes and took us on a circle route from UEA to Cringleford and onwards towards Keswick, and back again towards Cringleford and then UEA. David’s blogpost describing the walk is perhaps a bit petter than mine if you want to check out in more detail! Norfolk is definitely a scenic part of England! Every photo is like classic countryside of England. Love it!


IMG_20140515_152753 IMG_20140515_152558



How cute is that little Shetland?? David is overwhelmed by its cuteness.

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