Dum fresher

Exam time next week.. Honestly I am so nervous.. To be honest, my goal is just to get through them at this point. I have struggled to revise proberly this year, due to personal issues. I am so anxious about doing badly that it is scary. All I need to do though is try and do my best, and hopefully it will be enough.. The exam’s are all 2 hour written exams, and all count for about 60 % of the module grade. A lot is riding on them then! I personally loath them, as they are by hand and only two hours. I am used Norwegian exams which are five hours and digital! My spelling is going to be terrible, as I will have no help on spelling through doc or anything. English exams stress me out so much that my brain literally stops working and freezes, and rubbish just blurts out on to a couple of pages, barely in recognizable English languages. Oh and then this blurp has to resemble some actual knowledge and information! I am so afraid I won’t remember anything going in! Right now I feel like.. “umh biology?? That’s the subject about animals and stuff right?… “.

At least all I have to do this year is pass, as my first year of my doesn’t count at all towards my final degree. That takes the pressure off a bit I guess, thank god. Hopefully by next year I will have found my rhythm a bit more and feel a bit more academically confident. I am at least going to put a great deal of effort in that next year! Staying on top of things and being strict about getting work done and setting my own deadlines and goals. I guess they don’t expect us freshers to be brilliant this first year. I guess they just want us to get our feet wet and gain a fair deal of foundational knowledge. I think I have at least got that to some degree! I have to try and stay positive 🙂 ! The summer holiday is rapidly approaching, and I reeaally need some time to recover and rebuild myself up!

My plan for next week looks something like this:

  • Monday: exam in Sustainability, Society and Biodiversity, followed by revision for the next exam.
  •  Tuesday: exam in Global Environmental Challenges, followed by more revision for the next day’s exam.
  • Wednesday: exam in Biodiversity, followed by even more revision for the next, but final exam.
  • Thursday: exam in Evolution, Behaviour and Ecology, followed by tears of joy and sleeping, as I am going to be sooo exhausted.
  • Saturday: SUMMER HOLIDAY


2 thoughts on “Dum fresher

  1. Anxious is normal for exams – exams are always what I fail in the most. But if I haven’t learnt anything else from my schooling career, I definitely learnt that as long as I just go and try and do my best, no one can ask for anything more. Good luck 🙂

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