Hipp hipp! Hurraa!

Gratulerer med dagen Norge! Hipp hipp hurraa! Today is of course the 17th of May, aka. the Norwegian national day! This year is a biggun, as it is exactly 200 years ago Norway formed it’s own constitution and thus it’s freedom. Sadly, this is officially my first year not to be celebrating the 17th of May at home in Norway (ever)! It is a bit sad when I feel like I am the only one here (I am sure there are a couple of other Norwegians on campus), celebrating this day! No parades, no flags everywhere, no extra friendly people smiling and wishing you an absolutely lovely day 😦 However, I decided not to be glum about that and mark the day in my own little way! I got all dressed up nicely in a pretty dress, did my make up and brushed my hair to look all smart for the day! Shortly after getting ready I decorated the flat with a couple of pre-prepared, self drawn flags and posters to make it all cosy and Norwegian.

In the morning I watched the parade in Bergen live through BT’s coverage! Bergen got some really lovely weather today and the parade was super! I love how the parade is so diverse and packed with different people, everything from sports teams, societies, armies and bands, brigades (buekorps?), ethnic groups (like a Scottish society playing Norwegian tunes on bagpipes, or the Sami, or asian groups dancing beautiful dances), vintage cars and, of course, the russ! Truly makes me proud seeing all these people get together and unite in such a loving and joyful way! Norway ❤

I have also been glued a bit to the Facebook wall and Instagram, enjoying all the lovely photos of my friends in their bunads, having lovely food and a good time. I have been messaging people too, wishing friends and family a lovely day and letting them know I am thinking of them! Also, a quick phone call to my family to hear what their plans were this afternoon and having a little chat.

For brunch (I didn’t really have time for breakfast this morning) Katharine and I went out in the lovely weather and had a little picnic. Bombay chicken wrap and a coke! Mmhhh ❤ Also, I made Katha take a couple of photos of me with my flag to send to friends and family, and which I can share with you now!


IMG_20140517_133742a IMG_20140517_133830a IMG_20140517_133949

This day really lifted my mood! I feel really happy!! Perhaps I will revise well today! Also, I will be hopefully enjoying a lovely meal this evening of salmon and asparagus. Trying to do something a bit Norwegian today, obviously 🙂

3 thoughts on “Hipp hipp! Hurraa!

  1. Så ut som du fikk en veldig trivelig dag! 🙂 Det er jo litt spesielt å ikke tilbringe dagen i Norge, det fikk jeg kjenne på i fjor da jeg var i Sør-Amerika i mai. Ingen tog, ingen kake og is, ingen bunad, venner eller familie. Eller, jeg hadde jo bestevenninna mi der, og vi hadde med oss flag fra Norge som vi gikk å veivet rundt på på den lille øya på Titicacasjøen i Peru, haha.

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