Heat wave

Oh wow! Summer in Norwich is a shock! The weather here is insane! It it so hot I got burned today from being a bit in the sun (as did many others) and my room has just been unbearably hot and stuffy. Also, I was already tired from this morning’s exam (which I am semi-pleased with).I think my gracious selfie undernearh demonstrates how I felt. Exam revision today then.. Was non- existing… However, I am not panicking just yet as the module I had today is in many ways similar to the one I have tomorrow, and so practising for one means I have practised a bit for the other. The plan is though to properly go for it tomorrow morning when my room is cool and the sun is not too hot and really work my way through the module (cause this is the exam I have revised the least/nearly nothing on). This is what I did this morning for my other exam, and it is the most productive session I have had so far during my entire revision time. Hehe, maybe left everything last minute, but what can I do? All I can do is just learn from my mistakes and do my best 🙂 Luckily it isn’t until 2 pm tomorrow afternoon 🙂

This morning’s revision session. A bit worried perhaps (very). Oh, and one of me in the heat. Beautiful right?

The afternoon was spent trying to stay cool, but at one point the (remaining) flat gathered to take a group photo! I am going to miss the gang I have come to feel like my second family and home! Luckily I will be living with a lot of them next year, but some of them I probably won’t be regularly seeing anymore soon. Ohh.. I hope I will! They are such a fantastic gang! I am so happy our flat got along so well and formed such a strong bond! We have so many memories together! The photos:

imageimageIn front from left: Sam, Chris, Siobhan and David. At the back from the left: Me, Zoe, Jodie, Luke and Katharine.

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