Wohoooo! It is officially the summer holiday for me! Feels soooooooooo good. No work until september now! 4 months of relaxing, getting myself into shape, sorting myself out, hanging with friends, summer and home ❤ . The actual exams went like hell, buut.. Not going to think about that at the moment. Just gonna enjoy the feeling of summer! To be honest, I currently don’t feel that good. Haha, the state of “the day after” is in full swing: dehydrated, mouth feels like a dead rat crawled in and died, hair is a mess, make up is still smudged around my eyes, I feel tired, and my stomach feels a bit icky. Oh, and my bank account suffered a little blow yesterday. Not going out again for a while though, so should be fine to go a bit overboard yesterday. My calorie intake must have gone off the roof as well, eating junk and drinking fizzy drinks the entire day. Wopsii. There is definitely a price to pay for a quality night out celebrating the ending of my exams with David and Jodie!


The evening started at the Union pub where we attended a little social for the LGBT which David had organized (he is social secretary), but before that we showered and dolled ourselves up a bit! I had decided to try out a couple of new things to spice up my look with false eyelashes and false nails (only a pound from primark)! It was fun, but high maintenance as I had to fix my lashes all the time and a couple of my nails fell off during the night. Pretty though right? Funky nails!

After a couple of hours in the pub we headed home, had something to eat, and then set off towards Norwich for a evening of more pubs and nightclubs. We decided to make a day out of it, and pre-drink in town, instead of just doing it in the flat. Really nice idea actually, but maybe a bit expensive 😉 . Discovering Norwich is always interesting and fun. First pub then: The Mischief.


Just when we were going to our next destination, King’s, the heavens decided to be mean to us and started raining. No stopping us though! We called for a taxi and drove to the pub. Only a 5 er between three, not bad. At king’s we treated ourselves with a cocktail! It was really expensive, but I had been talking about wanting one all day and had decided that was going to be my reward for this weeks work. The bartender recommended a cocktail called bakewelltini, as we couldn’t decide ourselves, and it was delicious. It was made to taste like a bakewell tart, and it totally did! Such a weird feeling drinking a drink that tastes like dessert. There was even a glassed cherry at the bottom, to finish the divine drink with the ultimate goodness. Best bit! Obviously we took a million photos of ourselves with our sophisticated drinks, cause it was such a novelty. Jodie and I decided to sign the wall in the girls bathroom like everyone else. Was a hipster bathroom actually, with vintage posters on the wall.



After King’s we headed for the clubs. We ended up going to three, but only because the first two were so bad. The first one, Merci, stank of foul pee and sweat (REALLY bad), and so we decided to go to Lola lo’s. Luckely it was free entry at Merci, and we only bought one drink, so we didn’t loose a lot from leaving. At Lola lo’s it was fairly quite, and the mood was a bit dull. At this point we were getting a bit deflated, as we had had to run in the pooring rain to get there, we were getting a bit tired, and the result was a bit rubbish. However, the club then started to play a couple of great tunes, and our moods picked up a bit again. After spending a little while there (we had to, it was a three pound entry) we decided to leave it and go to The Loft which is one of Norwich’s gaybars. The mood there was lovely, and we spent the rest of the evening there before heading home again and going to sleep.


Hehe.. Hi mum ❤ Sorry I’m not as innocent as you probably want to believe I am 😛 

I am now going to clean myself up, clean my room up, have a lovely, healthy dinner, watch a film and go to bed early. I can’t wait!

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