Salmon and asparagus deliciousness

Healthy right? This was actually supposed to be my 17th of May meal, but I didn’t get time, and then and I had exams aaand.. Yeaah.. But I’ve made it now! It was soo good, and fairly easy to make! Looks quite fancy though right?


  • circa 10 small asparaguses
  • 1 salmon fillet
  • fish sauce (I made mine from a packet of Creamy Parsley Sauce from Schwartz, bought from Tesco, and that required a dash of milk).

So to make it I wrapped my salmon in some kitchen foil with some butter and olive oil, in addition to placing my asparagus on some foil on a baking tray. For the asparagus I seasoned with a little pepper and salt, and a dash of olive oil. I placed these two items on the grill and waited for 20 min. To be honest, when I do this again, I won’t put them under the grill at the same time as I worked out the salmon needed around 20 min, but the asparagus only needed around 6-10 min. Wops. I just had to take off the asparagus early, and just warmed then quickly up for 20 seconds in the microwave before serving. Hehe I am a student and cooking for myself 😛 Timing and stuff hasn’t come to me yet. Hopefully I’ll learn with time. The sauce was easily made by mixing the packet with some milk, stirring and slowly bringing it to the boil until thickened and heated. And there you go! My healthy meal of today! Proud! Perhaps a bit less proud that I have since then (on my own) devoured an entire bag of Doritos whilst watching Netflix. Shh 😉

IMG_20140523_192533 IMG_20140523_192542 IMG_20140523_192545

2 thoughts on “Salmon and asparagus deliciousness

  1. Timing comes with practice. I’m sure you will remember for next time. Funny you should call this fish sauce because here fish sauce is made with fish and very salty and stinky 🙂

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