Ecologists go Ape!

Wow! What fun! Who knew Zip lining, climbing and throwing yourselves off stuff high up in the trees could be so much fun? Yesterday’s activity was definitely one of the most exciting things I’ve done for a while! A lovely way to say goodbye to my ecology class for the summer. Something a bit different too, rather than pub crawl and same old same old. Go Ape Adventure, based in Thetford Forest, included several courses that we worked our way through as a group, having to balance, jump and climb. A lot of laughing and screaming was involved! Particularly for a couple who were a bit scared of heights (fortunately not myself). Everyone made it through safely though, apart from myself who managed AFTER we were done to bump my head in a metal wire (I am such an idiot).

CIMG3665From the left: Julia, Emily, Matt, Rose, Sam, Katie, Shawnee, Myself, Jeff, Steph and Drew.


CIMG3739 CIMG3740 Me, Sam and Rose

CIMG3738Matt and Steph

Me and RoseJeff, Matt, Sam, Rose and myself

Katie, myself and Stpeh


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