End of the year flat meal

Today I have had an awesome time with my ecology class at Go Ape Adventure at Thetford Forest doing a “tree top adventure course” swinging ourselves from stuff and trying not to loose balance on really hard obstacles. However, I have still not got all the photos ready for that post, so I will quickly tell you about this evening’s activity (pheeww right? What a packed day!).

So this evening my remaining flat mates (6 of us total) went out for a final flat meal at Chiquito on the riverside, which is a Mexican themed restaurant. The gang that went included: David, Luke, Chris, Siobhan, Katharine and myself, and we had a wonderful time laughing and talking! For drinks us girls decided to have cocktails, and I decided to expand my cocktail-horizon and try something new! I picked something called a Key West Cooler, which was a delicious layered cocktail (very sweet). For my main meal I had Quesedilla with beef chilli, which was amazing. Afterwards we went for a couple of drinks at Wetherspoons before heading home again. What a lovely evening!




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