Goodbye Suffolk Terrace!

Oh noo! I have just finished packing and I am soon ready to leave for Norway again! The packing took an absolute age! I cannot believe how much stuff one fits into such a small room, that I have collected during my time here! I filled a total of 5 boxes of stuff that I am going to send off to David’s place for the summer. My room seems so empty and lacking soul now.. Where is all the life and colour? The whole atmosphere of the stripped down room makes me feel sad!

In one way, I can’t wait to get back home to friends, family, Molly, and everything else waiting for me in Bergen, but at the same time I am really going to miss leaving Norwich. Obviously it is for just over the summer, but I am officially saying goodbye to my home on campus. Suffolk Terrace Block A flat 02, you have been a fine first home outside the nest! I am particularly going to miss all the people I have met and experienced so much with here!

CIMG1957a The flat at the beginning of the year! Nobody knew each other yet, and we were all quite new and scary! Some of them on this photo did not stay the entire year, but they are still part of the memories! On the Photo: Oskar, Lola, Me, Katha, Siobhan, Lauren, Tani, Chris, Jodie, Zoe, David, Luke, Sam, and Takunda. Missing from the photo here include Tayo and Teni who stayed with us a while.

Another thing I am going to miss is my fantastic view from my bedroom window! Just look at the photos underneath if you don’t believe me. I think the collecetion is pretty cool actually, as they all are different with different angles, times, colours and seasons. Also, having a lake and a massive park right outside my doorstep, in addition to having lecture theatres etc. only 2 minutes walking distance away. Haven’t I been spoilt?

One thing I will not miss though, is my flatmates sense of hygiene and mess. Haha, it is quite clear we are freshers that have just moved out from home. Cleaning and household rules are non-existing. One could barely eat off the table, and the mess was so big that one would most likely discover something mouldy or incredibly foul smelling among the clutter you would be trying to move. Ugh..

All in all though, it has been a wonderful first year in Suffolk, although with major ups and downs in different ways. There is no point saying my time here so far hasn’t been a struggle and difficult in many ways. Home sickness, stress related to studying and being academically confident, and other personal issues have all been part of the journey, but I think I can say quite confidently it has been worth it. Bring it on UEA, next year I am going to be fierce!


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