Summer bliss!

What about a more cheerful post as well? What stunning weather have we had here in Bergen! Amazing! Already in a couple of days I have done so much! First day back my mum treated me with a lovely meal on the terrace of chicken with rise and a mango salad. Doesn’t our terrace look idyllic with the flowers everywhere? In addition to this I went for a lovely walk with her up the little mountain just behind the house. Later that evening I popped inn for a visit to say hi to all my friends at Karoline’s, which was so much fun!


The next day I finally got to see Eidi again! Oh what a fantastic feeling to see her again! I needed that ❤ Together we spent the afternoon just lazing in the garden listening to music and talking, followed by yet again an awesome meal on the terrace. This time we got the grill out and had a barbecue.IMG_20140531_192657 IMG_20140531_184129

After a quick road trip to go and have a wander at Skjoldsbukta we decided to go for a walk up Linken. The sun was just setting, and it was all nice and warm and blue skies. Linken is a lovely view of Fanafjorden and our area. Perfect way to end the day.


IMG_20140531_214817 IMG_20140531_214419

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