Summer plans!

Hi guys! After a relative boring week I can’t wait for the future activities I have waiting for me the rest of the summer! Oslo, a visit from David and Gran Canaria! Tonight I have sat down and done a bit of planning for my summer trips, searched using websites like and tripadvisor to find activities and sights for the various places. Thought I’d share a bit of that planning with you guys, as I need a bit of help! I am a bit lost on what things to do in Oslo (15.6.2014-25.6.2014). Does anybody have anything they would recommend to do and see? Any cool querky cafés or shops or parks? I have already done all the obvious touristy things like The Oslo Opera House, Akershus Slott and Festning, Fram Museum, Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Natural history Museum, the Palace etc, and so I am a bit stumped on what new things I can do during my stay with my Dad in Oslo. We will have a car there, as we are driving it over, and so if anybody know’s anything worth going to look at a bit outside Oslo do shout out! Any good websites for stuff to do perhaps? Know of any current events happening this summer?

Something I have been good at though is planning things for David and I to do when he comes for 10 days after my stay in Oslo! My list so far consists of the absolute musts to see in Bergen, in addition to perhaps a couple more local things 🙂 . We probably will not do half the stuff I have thought of us to do, but it is good to have options! Also, a lot of the activities are free, and can be done together with some of my friends!

Things to do in Bergen

  • Discovering the City
    • Bryggen
    • Nightlife!
    • Bergenhus Fortress
    • Old Bergen, Sandviken
    • Aquarium (for a rainy day)
    • Cinema
    • Eating out: inside, Zuperia, Egon
  • Outdoors and Sports
    • Rowing in the boat on Kalandsvannet
    • Vannkanten
    • Bowling at Sandsli
    • Squash (perhaps a free lesson as I have previously worked there)
    • Picnic at Lysøen
    • Day by the “beach” at Melkeviken/look around Hordamuseet
    • Picnic at the Arboretum
    • Bikeride to Søfteland for canoeing
  • Hiking and walks
    • Ulriken
    • Fløyen
    • Fanafjellet
    • Løvstakken
    • Vidden?
    • Gullfjellet
    • Linken
    • Stoltzen
  • Roadtrip
    • See the fjords (Indre Arne – Trengereid – Gullfjellet – Kvamskogen – Norheimsund – Øystese).
    • Sotra (Ferry from Hjellestad – Klokkarvik – Glesvær – Sotrabroen – Hjem).


Lastly though I have done a lot of research on Gran Canaria! I have found a lot worth seeing and doing, and I am excited to share my findings with my two friends! We are going to be staying at the Jardin del sol in Playa del Inglés/Masopalomas in the beginning of August. I can’t wait to enjoy the sun, relax and have a wonderful time with my two best friends! Anybody know of any good places to check out for eating and drinking?

Doesn’t it just look beautiful?

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