Roadtrip from Bergen til Oslo!

About two weeks ago my Dad and I started making our way towards Oslo in the car. What a journey it was! Stunning weather, and needless to say, stunning views! Our route was from Bergen to Voss, onwards to Eidfjord where we drove over the breathtaking Hardangervidda before heading down on the east side towards Lysaker in Oslo where my dad has a little flat! On the road-trip we stopped at a couple of places for a break, including Vøringsfossen which has a 183 meter dropp, and a sami household on top of the Hardangervidde! I can’t believe this is my home! So proud!



IMG_20140615_153402Search results for Mobil

The actual stay was a bit disappointing, as I unfortunately caught my Dads’ cold! Luckily on the last couple of days my cold became berable and we managed to do some activities and show my aunt around when she arrived the last part of the stay. We went and saw the classic touristy stuff like Aker Brygge, the Town Hall, the Kon- Tiki Museum and Vigelandspark. Photos from the rest of the stay will be out soon ❤

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