Visit from David!

Today I pick up one of my favourite boys from the Airport! I just can’t wait! It will be so absolutely awesome to have him here! I hope I can make his stay a great one! I am a bit nervous actually, as I have never been the “host” on a holiday before. I have to make sure he has fun, is fed, feels comfortable, that I know where we are going, where all the best activities and sights are, etc. Quite a new experience then! I am pretty confident I won’t make a complete mess out of it though, also because David is so open minded, is a yes-man and always seems to turn every situation to an advantage. I really hope the weather stays good too (preferably excellent), as Bergen is soo much more beautiful in the sunshine! A bit worried though, cause Bergen isn’t exactly known for it’s sunshine and dryness. According to the weather forecast though it should be some sunshine and partly cloudy with a bit of wind for a good week before it starts raining at the weekend. Crossing my fingers that the sunshine, clear skies and hot temperature magically appears, like it has been pretty much all the time up to this point (typical.).


After David’s visit I actually need to get focused again on a bit of ecology for next year at university! One of my modules’ coursework includes a taxonomic collection and I have chosen to do plants (more specifically grasses). I could have done insects, molluscs or other animals, but as I have to take this work with me back to England it is more realistic and practical to do pressed plants (also as there are many rules and laws about importing wildlife into the UK from other countries). I chose the family of grasses for my collection as this is one of the more diverse and abundant families in my area, but unfortunately I know nothing about identification of this type! I need to learn about keying grasses and how to recognize them. I have several books with information I can go through to help me learn about it though! But… reading about grasses… finding them, pressing them, annotating them and preparing a collection…. when it is the holiday… Not terribly apealing. I am not terribly motivated! However, the peak season of these grasses doesn’t wait for me.. so as soon as David leaves I better get down to business! Maybe I will get really into it! 🙂 Taxonomic collections are definitely more fun than exams and experiments! I’ve liked doing them in the past, it’s just this time it’s a bit more complicated and.. it’s the holiday!


A photo of different grasses that I took last year when my class visited the Cambridge Botanical Gardens. They are quite pretty actually aren’t they? Under-appreciated maybe 🙂


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