yayy David is here! Yesterday we had a steady and relaxing day just taking in the local area and doing a bit of shopping for our night out tonight with my friends! The vinmonopol, the only stores where you can by alcohol (aka they have monopoly) that the state is in charge of was perhaps a new experience for him actually. Also, as we both are 19, not being able to buy everything in the shop is also a new experience.

Later we drove home, got our bikes and cycled to Melkeviken by Fanafjorden and had a little picnic. After we finished our sandwiches we had a quick walk around the open-air museum called Hordamuseet to see all the old houses and cultural landscape that would have dominated the Norwegian scene in the 1850-1950s. One of the houses was called the Loft, which David thought was pretty exciting and amusing as the gay club in Norwich is also called the Loft. Hordamuseet is often a bit overlooked by the main bulk of toursts as it is a bit out of town and a bit more local, but I think it is a very pretty area and worth a visit! If you are lucky you might manage to go on the days when they are holding a viking festival and there it’s bustling with people dressed as vikings who are  re-enacting their day to day life.

Bikeride and picnic at Melkeviken



Later on we went for a quick ride in the rowing boat/vikingship. Good fun!


In the evening we went out to see Bergen’s nightlife together with my good friends. Haha, probably shockingly bad in many ways for David compared to England, but we still had a funny time! A lot of dancing and laughing!


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