A tour of the Fjords

Yesterday David, Eidi and I went for a bit of a roadtrip and it was lovely with good music and beautiful landscapes of Hardangerfjorden and natural Norway. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great (nice planning Ellie.. :p ), but I still think David thought it was a good trip! I was pretty tired from driving the car for many many hours, all the way from Bergen to be Voss – Granvin – Ålvik – Øystese – Norheimsund, and then home again to Bergen. On the way back we stopped at a local shop on the side of the road and bought some local cherries! They were incredibly tasty! All photos are credited to David by the way, as many are in the other posts from this holiday!

984152_10204237402598591_2811272617117620336_n “DSCF2212 DSCF2210 DSCF2207 DSCF2205 DSCF2197 DSCF2193 DSCF2192 DSCF2189 DSCF2188 DSCF2182 DSCF2180 DSCF2165 DSCF2164 DSCF2157 DSCF2156 DSCF2149 10527462_10204237396878448_2219913655209437590_n 10517541_10204237411598816_7260537556427471615_n 10500572_10204237401678568_7868460722524338028_n


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