I have found myself watching promotional videos of UEA put out for the new freshers arriving this year, and I suddenly feel all nostalgic! I am actually itching to get back again to my friends the student life! I am so in love with my university! I couldn’t have gone to a better place! There is too much to like!

What I love:

  • Huge, modern campus with cafés, library, Student Kitchen, Student Bar, shops, LCR etc.
  • Huge grounds surrounding campus including several public parks, a lake and sports fields, and lots of cute bunnies everywhere in spring!
  • Feeling like I live and study in a good, clean and save environment.
  • There is a Sportspark with swimmingpool and lots of other great facilities minutes away from accomodation!
  • I am on a course with really interesting subjects and really nice lecture halls!
  • There are societies, clubs and sports teams to try and fail, and find ones you love!
  • There are people like yourself! Who have similar interests, hobbies and ideas.
  • Great night life and a ton of various clubs, pubs and bars!
  • Awesome weather and sunsets.
  • Close to the town of Norwich with it’s cute English look, many shops and boutiques, activities, festivals, attractions and historical sights!
  • The Broads and surrounding natural landscapes with lovely wildlife.

2 thoughts on ““OOh UEAA “

  1. Så bra at du trives så godt på skolen din! Det er jo alfa&omega 🙂 Det ser jo ganske trivelig ut også 😉 Kjenner at jeg gleder meg litt til å bli student igjen selv!

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