“Life is a beach”

What a weird and random quote that actually is. Think about it. What on earth do they mean? Life… LIFE… is a beach? It make’s no sense. Anyway, I am now back from a wonderful week in Gran Canaria with my two best friends Malin and Eidi. It was so delightfully wonderful taking in the sun beams, drinking sweet sweet smoothies to keep cool, splashing around in the pool, eating out and having tons of amazing meals, enjoying my friends’ company, listening to music and laughter, and enjoying life. What simple pleasures. No wonder hundreds of thousands flock to the hotter climates of the south each year for the standard “holiday in the sun”. It isn’t exactly a holiday of cultural, spiritual and natural experience, but it’s simplicity and pure pleasure still makes it probably one of the best holidays one could imagine. Particularly when you can enjoy the whole experience with two of your favourite people.


Gran Canaria 2014 from Eleanor Charnock on Vimeo.

There are many ways of enjoying your week in the sun. Previous years I have been with my family and done the family friendly scene, and last year I tried my hand at doing the hardcore party scene with 8 of my friends in Magaluf (post). This time around we opted for a mix of both types, with definite more emphasis on the family friendly, quieter scene (Haha, I feel so old). To be honest it fascinates me how some people can manage to drink and party so hard for a straight week or two! Hangovers in the blazing heat the next day just put me off the idea for weeks. Our week was packed with several activities, alternating between relaxation and an excursion, with meals and drinks in the evening! Excursions included a dolphin safari on a catamaran, a day at a water park in Taurito and a day trip to Palmitos Park. The wild dolphins that we saw I was told were Atlantic spottet dolphins!

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